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Terms and Conditions

Promotional Discount

For a Limited Time Only payments received upon delivery will now receive 1% Off their entire order.

If paying by check, Amwell will cash the check within 24 Hours, which means funds on your check must be available Same Day.

New Store Promotion

Additionally, AMWELL is offering 2% Off newly opened stores (Applicable on 1st order ONLY).

Minimum Total Purchase

Each order must have a Minimum total purchase of $1,000. Water Products will no longer be included in the total purchase minimum.

If your order is less than $1,000 (should not be below $800), we can still deliver but only with an additional $50 Delivery Cost. Also, you can pick up your order from the warehouse, but Only if Minimum total purchase is $500.

Credit Policy: Outstanding Balances + New Orders

AMWELL WHOLESALE is granting a 30-day credit, Upon the 30-day credit grace period when expires. Amwell Wholesale will call the customer and request payment on all outstanding 30-day old invoices, even if there is no new order placed.  For all 30-day Old Invoices, payment Must be made same day upon new order delivery. Amwell Wholesale do not accept any Post-Dated Check for any 30-day Old Invoice, must be paid in Full to receive New Order Delivery (No Exceptions).


The Management Team at Amwell has made these policy changes to make it easier to do business with us and to drive positive business growth for our customers and business partners.


Thank you for your trust and confidence in our company we sincerely appreciate you & your business.

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